Be Inspired by Swami Rama: Master of the States of Consciousness


This book serves as a loving dedication to the memories of Swami Rama, one of the great spiritual masters of our time. It is a compilation of personal accounts written by people from various walks of life who have willingly shared their experiences of Swami Rama. Some of the stories are based on breif encounters, while others span over years. Nonetheless each story is complete in intself, painting a beautiful picture of the profound way Swami Rama touched and transformed peoples’ lives. The various accounts are moving yet humorous, but they all share a similar message. Swami Rama was no ordinary being. For those who have not met Swami Rama, this first volume gives an incredible insight to his magnificence shedding light on the various aspects of his dynamic and creative personality. It is truly a collection of inspiring tales of an extraordinary master who served those who came to him unconditionally.