Thursday Satsang: December 20, 2018

“Treasured Echoes”
Festival of An Archive of Dr. Arya’s Audios

with Eric Ness

“How to Immerse Yourself in The Meditative Life”


Join us to learn how to immerse yourself in the meditative life. The lecture will discuss using surrender, directing your emotions and silence to eliminate the separation between day-to-day life and meditative life.

Eric has been teaching meditation and yoga for over ten years. His teaching is based on the experiences that he had while immersed in a meditative environment. He deepened his study of meditation while participating in the residential program at the Meditation Center. He also trained for three years at the Swami Rama Institute for Meditation in India. His calm teaching style brings students the tools they need to move toward a peaceful state of mind.

Swami Ma Radha Bharati earned an M.A. in philosophy and commenced doctoral studies in Eastern and Western philosophy with emphasis on views of the self and mind. She has taught philosophy at a number of schools including the University of Hawaii. She received a fellowship from the Humphrey Institute in Public Policy. Swami Ma Radha was initiated by H.H. Sri Swami Rama 33 years ago and has been an active member of The Meditation Center community ever since.

6:00pm Hatha Yoga with Barbra Bloy
7:00pm Meditation with Swami Radha Bharati
8:30pm Vegan Soup and Clean-Up
9:00pm Prayers and Meditation