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A Message from Swami Veda (Silence after 2013)

Swami Veda Bharati-001

Dear Fellow Traveler on the Path of the Sages,

This is just to reassure you that after my 5-7 year silence begins

· The regular programmes of teaching at our Rishikesh Ashram will continue
through other advanced and experienced teachers.
· The guidance for your personal meditation will intensify.
· This little teacher’s silence will enhance your own silence and vibration.

Silence mothers the mind if you know how to be nurtured by her. Our Ashram specializes in the science of silence —- yes, it is a methodical science in which you are guided when you come to practice silence at the Ashram.

We have programmes for silence lasting 3 days, ten days, 21 days, 40 days —- and few rare ones may graduate to 90 days as at least two dozen initiates have done so far (writing in June 2011). Each of these fortunate ones experienced a breakthrough.

All who do the practice of silence at the Ashram — either one of our two ashrams —- know what a magic touch the place imparts through its vibration.

May I invite you to undertake this adventure into the depths of the Ocean of your own Self, and come take a silence retreat. I will be there to serve you, now, and even more so, after my 5-7 year silence begins on 10th March 2013.

I await to see you,
With a very personal affection in service of Gurudeva,

Swami Veda Bharati