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AGING AS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: Expanding the Box of Unlived Life” with Randall Krause A series of three workshops

“AGING AS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: Expanding the Box of Unlived Life”

with Randall Krause

A series of three workshops

 Saturdays: May 15, June 12, and July 10, 2021

Cost for the series: $60.00

Limited to 16 participants.

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First Workshop: May 15, 2021

 In this first workshop in the series, we will begin the process of life review and begin of harvesting from our past experiences. This will be a highly interactive workshop in which you’ll have a chance to mine your earlier life for golden wisdom.

Second Workshop: June 12, 2021 

In this second workshop in the series, we will begin re-contextualizing and healing painful memories and forgiveness 

Third Workshop: July 10, 2021

In this third workshop in the series we will begin discussion facing our mortality and creating a legacy.

Sage-ing offers a new vision of aging as a time for deep reflection and spiritual growth and invites us to nourish and integrate our whole self—body, mind, emotions and spirit. As people grow into old-age, they often feel uncomfortable remembering their past—which may include memories of failures and relationships gone wrong—and they may also feel uncomfortable looking into the future because death is approaching, and so they shrink their lives down smaller and smaller. It’s as if they live in a little box and cut off all the rest of their life force. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the founder of the Sagi-ing work, called this contraction of life the “box of unlived life.” A major part of the Sage-ing work focused on expanding the box of unlived life through life review, harvesting wisdom, recontextualizing past experiences, forgiveness, and facing our mortality. 

This series of three workshops will focus on this work and beyond. The workshops are in a series so that we will have a committed group working together to support one another in this work and maximize the benefits. We will go deeply into each step of the work so you can make progress in your Sage-ing process.

I hope you’ll join us.

Randall Krause served as an attorney, a mediator, a life coach, and a yoga teacher. He is a senior mentor and senior teacher in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. For many years, he ran a multi-million dollar business. Now retired from that business and well into his sixties, Randall is an Intern in the Sage-ing International Certified Sage-ing Leader Training program.