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“Blessings at Passover and Easter” from Swami Ritavan Bharati

“Blessings at Passover and Easter”

from Swami Ritavan Bharati 

The themes of Light and Love resonate with their refined vibrations throughout the globe and by way our collective mindfield.  Just last night our billion-plus community called “Bharat” – MotherLand of India, lit a deepak, a small oil-lamp sharing the light of unity and healing  reminding all of this one spirit and our unity in the collective mindfield.
Earlier, the residents of SRSG observed Navaratri, reciting the 1000 Names of Lalita-Mother Divine for 24 hours on each of those 9 days receiving light and love through Her Grace.  And now, we enter another period for celebrating Light and Love in the purification and transformation of the personality as “resurrection” and rebirth at Easter. This along with the theme of Liberation through “Passover” continues to renew this theme of awakening of Light and Love in our lives.

At this full moon, representing the fullness of Divine Light and Love, let us vow to renew our purified mindfield as our awakening, resurrection, and rebirth. Light and Love, at this time, are the balancing vibrations needed urgently in the world today.  As I wrote earlier, through purification by way of our ascetic endeavors we “come  in-touch with the power that emanates from within when we can gather all internal forces and rest in stillness and silence.” 
I am gratified with the many contributions by our Meditation Center teachers, and together let us continue to bring the fruits of our purified and pacified mindfield as goodness, kindness, and compassion for the many. 

Blessings of Love and Light of the Lineage, 
Swami Ritavan