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“Deepening Your Practice – A Special Monday Evening Lecture” with Dr. Phil Nuernberger on April 23rd, 2018, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

“Deepening Your Practice – A Special Monday Evening Lecture” with Dr. Phil Nuernberger

Monday: April 23, 2018

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Suggested Donation: $15.00

Many think that to deepen your practice you must spend more time meditating. While this is sometimes helpful, often we are just sitting and repeating a mantra, thinking about the last argument we had, or dozing on and off. Seven minutes of real meditation opens awareness to Pure Consciousness and the spiritual-Self. The real key is to prepare the mind for meditation by how you go about your daily life, by applying the yamas and niyamas to your thoughts and actions. We will focus on learning how to move from the still-point. Questions are always the best way to participate in this talk.

Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D. is a direct disciple of H.H.Sri Swami Rama and was personally trained by Swamiji since 1970. Studying with Swamiji in the Himalayas in India and Nepal, Dr. Nuernberger is one of the few Americans to receive initiation by Swami Rama into the highest levels of the tantric tradition of the Himalayan Sages. With his Master’s instruction and blessing, Dr. Nuernberger has been teaching and initiating others in this tradition since 1972.

Beginning in 1970, he was instrumental in helping Swamiji build the Himalayan Institute, and served on its Board of Directors and as Senior Faculty member until 1992. At Swamiji’s suggestion, Dr. Nuernberger also studied Washin Ryu karate with Sensei Hidi Ochiai, a Japanese Samuarai, and achieved black belt ranking. Dr. Nuernberger is author of six books. The most recent is Freedom’s Path: The Dancing Soul. Other recent books include The Warrior Sage: Life as Spirit, Strong and Fearless: The Quest for Personal Power, and From Loneliness to Love: A Journey of Spritual Awakening. Dr. Nuernberger is President of Strategic Intelligence Skills, serves as adjunct faculty at the Wharton School of Business’ Aresty Institute at the Univ. of Penn. and is Co-Director of the Center at Rock Ledge. Active in teaching the tradition of the Himalayan Sages, he teaches at meditation centers across the United States and holds yearly retreats in the mountains of Montana. His focus is on the science of Yoga, and in particular, the Sri Vidya tradition.