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Practice Means to Awaken the Conscience

You will have to practice for a long time.  Abhyasa-vairagyabhyam nirodhah.  Practice means repetition of the same thing again and again and again to form a strong habit.  Habits are motivation in life.  If you do not have determination to attain that which should be attained, if you are not constantly aware of the Reality, how can you practice?  You will feel lazy and you will not be able to sit in meditation.

There is one alarm in your system, something coming from within that guides all the time.  There is one teacher within that you call your conscience.  whenever you want to do something that should not be done; immediately from inside something says, Don’t do that.  It silently says no.  It is not a part of mind.  Rather it is your conscience that is telling your mind, whispering to your mind.  You have been avoiding that.  Habit patterns are so strong that the voice of silence, the voice of the conscience, is not heard.  You do not need anyone from outside to tell you what not to do.  You know that you should not lie; yet you lie.  Once mind listens to these secret whispers, then you are introduced to the real teacher within, your own conscience.  All teachings are meant for that day when you start listening to your conscience.  It does not mean that you should not listen to the external teacher who is teaching you.  Your teacher is trying to make you aware that there is something within you, a teacher within, who is a great friend.  No matter who you are, your conscience is always there.  If you learn to listen to the voice of the conscience, you can transform your whole personality.  That conscience knows everything.  No book can teach you; no teacher can teach you.  Conscience knows and knows that it knows.  Even when you go to a teacher to ask something, you draw your own conclusions and follow your conscience.

Excerpt from chapter of the same name in Swami Rama’s book, Samadhi.