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Guru Purnima Message 2020 from Swami Ritavan Bharati – July 5, 2020


Guru Purnima Message 2020 

from Swami Ritavan Bharati
Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India

svaha – svaha – svaha:
a fire burns within,
a sacred yajna honoring the light of knowledge,
the guru within, above, below, on all sides,
the very source of peace happiness and bliss – danda-pranam.
a fire burns to the back as dharma, the righteous way of truth, svaha;
a fire burns to the front, the fruits of all actions, svaha;
a fire burns above, the illuminating guru enlightening, ever-present, svaha;
a fire burns within, flame of desire, urge of moksha…the offering made….
In that final svaha, ghee and spiced-herbs, thoughts and prayers, samskaras and ignorance – all is offered to the Guru, svaha.
That Guru of liberating wisdom in silence response:
your sacrifice of surrender, burning the knots of bondage, letting-go of attachments, now, Come to Me.
Delight in discipline, strength in respect, liberation in ishwar-pranidhana, now, Come to Me.Reason cannot see, attachments cannot hold, samskaras will not bind,
now, Come to Me.
To that Guru that is Vasudeva, the indwelling illumination of the heart-cave, my oblations of self, sacrifice of ego, surrender of ignorance;You alone are the source of my inner strength, my determination, my all.
On this Full-moon of Guru Purnima, aspire, decide, and practice, become the flute through which the winds of Guru’s Breath will sing an eternal song of Love.
Yours in danda-pranam, to the paduka, the feet of Guru.