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“I Bow to the Truth-Bearing Guru” ~ Swami Ritavan Bharati ~ Guru Purnima Message 2022

“I Bow to the Truth-Bearing Guru” 

~ Swami Ritavan Bharati ~

Guru GitaSong of Guru, Verse: 89.

I bow to the Truth-bearing guru, who is the bliss of Brahman; who bestows the highest joy; who is infinite, free of the bonds of the 36 tattvas; who is One, the embodiment of Wisdom, Pure, and Eternal; and who exemplifies the great Vedantic proclamations, such as ‘That Thou art;’ the witness beyond all duality.

With bowed head, joined palms before my heart, a Reverent Salutation to Guru – “the Ocean of Mercy”

With initiates gathered in celebrating Guru Purnima and our beloved Swami Veda’s Mahasamadhi commemorations at SRSG here and around the world, we pause to acknowledge Guru’s blessing. Guru has made a very loving world and has invited his children from across the globe to embrace this Guru-family, as his gift of love.

The Song of Guru, Guru Gita, the nectar-filled words on the Guru, Master, Saviour, whose revelation fulfils the goal of life in liberation.

The mystery of Guru is the sacred boon of initiation.

The joy of Guru is mind’s beauty in samadhi.

The love of Guru is knowledge revealing Truth.

The language of Guru is mantra and yantra.

The gift of Guru is the pure pearl-bindu.

The pilgrimage of Guru is nada pulsing the 61-shrines within.

The transmission of Guru – light that dispels the darkness.

The Guru is Self and the self is Guru.

Remember the lotus feet of Guru, entering the boat that is also Guru to cross the ocean of worldly life.

Serve Guru in all thought, speech, and actions.

Surrender to Guru and put an end to rebirth.

Meditate and listen to the mantra given by Guru.

Meditate and embrace the imperishable form of Guru.

A Sanyasin is:

A child of Mother-Father Guru, serving Guru in thought, word, deed.

A child whose identity is nameless and formless Guru.

A reclining child asleep whose dreams are Guru’s sweet words.

A playful child whose possessions are Guru’s toys of mercy.

A hungry child whose cries for the milk of immortality in Guru’s breasts.

A tottering child whose pillar of stability is Guru.

A crawling child attracted to the truth-revealing light of Guru.

A muttering child repeating the same name of Guru again and again.

A crying child extending arms to infinity to receive Guru’s solace.

May our meditations acknowledge this eternal and ever-present bond of unity for the yearning hearts of humanity. May love, as an expression of Guru’s Grace be a reminder to keep that “smiling-mind” throughout life, “smera, smera, stimita.”

with joy and blessings,

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah,