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“Integration of Swami Rama’s Guru Purnima Messages to TMC” on July 16, 1981 and July 29, 1988 compiled by Swami Radha Bharati

“Integration of Swami Rama’s Guru Purnima Messages to TMC”

on July 16, 1981 and July 29, 1988

compiled by Swami Radha Bharati

I pray to the Divinity in you.

Today is the greatest day of all the year called Guru Purnima Day. This day, the day of Guru Purnima is considered to be the holiest day for the students of life; for those that have been treading the path of light; for those aspiring to attain enlightenment in this lifetime.

The word Guru is not used for any particular person or being. It is used for the center of consciousness, for the knowledge. There is only one life force, therefore there is only one guru from where consciousness flows on various degrees and grades. That is why human being is called guru. Those who follow the spiritual tradition faithfully train themselves, practice, and serve others selflessly, love others and learn to give knowledge to others. They are called spiritual teachers and such spiritual teachers are also called Guru….

Our guru is still alive, he is in physical form. He lives in the Himalayas and I go to see him every year. He prays for us all. But in a world tradition, we do not adore a physical guru. We just respect him because the knowledge that is imparted through the tradition flows through him. In our tradition a Guru is a messenger who imparts the knowledge imparted to him by the great spiritual teachers of the Himalayas. The purpose of a spiritual teacher and Guru is to make you aware that the Guru is with-in you and you should learn to understand life–both aspects of life within and without.

So you know in our tradition there have been many, many sages if you find any obstacles on the path there will be help. Always you will be guided by the spiritual beings. Those who watch your progress. I want you to faithfully tread the path of light and life by doing your duties selflessly, lovingly and skillfully in the external world and punctually meditate.

This day is a day of determination. When you determine to do your sankalpa. You decide that I will devote my time and energy toward enlightenment and that I will attain enlightenment in this lifetime. Determination is one of the greatest powers, gifts, given to the human being by the Providence.

What you do as human effort, let me tell you something; if you learn to do human effort sincerely then that ascended power suddenly comes in touch with the descending power that is called kripa–blessings, as grace of God, grace of the Highest, grace of the Absolute One. So human effort is sadhana that needs the grace of God. When you are doing your sadhana you are bound to receive the grace from Providence, from the Highest Level.

A day will come when you can go beyond the mire of delusion created by your mind and you will have control. Meditation, contemplation and prayer should go hand-in-hand. I pray to the mighty lord to help you. I pray that you all will be happy and enjoy, and let the flower of your life bloom so you can serve one another and help others. Enjoy all the time. Be Happy! Learn to be happy.

Let you learn to live in the world and remain above free from all worries and bondage. Let you be aware that the center of spirituality is within you and let you be aware that the Guru is within you. Let you become creatively intelligent, serve the humanity, become good citizens, love all, and exclude none.

I pray for you in every breath of my life. I love you.
May God bless you.
I will continue praying for you. That is my wish for Guru Purnima Day.

Peace, Peace, Peace,