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Special Thursday Satsang via Zoom: “Ahimsa in Action – Spiritual Life in Troubled Times” with Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Brown – July 22, 2021

Thursday Satsang via Zoom – July 22, 2021

“Ahimsa in Action – Spiritual Life in Troubled Times”

with Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Brown

Charles Crenshaw will be our host, guiding the discussion with Dr. Brown.

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7:00 p.m.: Meditation with Charles Crenshaw

7:30- 9:00 p.m. or longer: Discussion with Rev. Dr.  Thomas Brown 

Join us for a discussion with Rev. Dr.  Thomas Brown, who has been a meditator for 45+ years,  and has navigated through life (as a Civil Rights activist) and influenced many, using Gandhian informed  – Kingian concepts of non-violence. The discussion will be guided by Charles Crenshaw. 

Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Brown is currently retired as the Senior Pastor of Ebenezer M.B. Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  With 33 years of dedicated service through the fulfillment of pastoral duties, providing spiritual guidance and delivering a leadership that placed Ebenezer as a Church “active in community”; initiating programs providing various services to empower people.  As a part of his commission at Ebenezer he served as CEO of the church and of the Ebenezer Church Foundation.  He sought to teach that the Church is as a means of serving God- through service and serving others and to move the church to an “ultimate” and “operative paradigm” of a wholistic ministry model. A model that is not traditional “brick and mortar” of the “Church of Programs” that is sustained maximally in services and minimally in buildings.

He can be heard across Central Indiana on a variety of topics every Saturday as he hosts the historic talk radio show “Operation Breadbasket Presents HARAMBEE” on AM-1310 WTLC. He also serves as the President of the Indiana Christian Leadership Conference and was the Director of the Institute of Urban Ministry and Professor of Religious Studies (Grad and Undergrad) at Martin University for twenty five years. 

Dr. Brown is a graduate of Bishop College, with BA and BS degrees in Religion, Philosophy and Social Science; The Martin Luther King, Jr. School of Social Change at Crozier Theological Seminary, with a MA degree in Ethics; The School of Religion at Northwestern University, with a Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Sacred Theology in Theology, Church and Community; and The School of Urban Affairs at Northwestern University, with a Doctorate of Philosophy-Post Grad Studies in Urban Affairs and Economics.

Dr. Brown’s life work and ministry has been deeply rooted in the Civil Rights Movement and remains deeply rooted in social change. He has worked with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), where he participated in Freedom Rides and sit-ins in the southern United States. He has led voter education drives in the South, where he was arrested many times for his works. He also aided in organizing the Black Panther Party in Lowndes County, Alabama.

Dr. Brown has shown a commitment to education in his work and ministry. He has served as a successful Director of Admissions at Bishop College and as a special recruitment consultant to Black Colleges of the South where his combined track record spans 19,500 black students who received an opportunity to attend college.

Dr. Brown has applied his academic training; interests in economics, education and community health; and his faith in God to his work. He has served as a special consultant to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, to

CSA and to his father, the late Rev. Andrew J. Brown. He has served on the school board of Indianapolis Public Schools.

Dr. Brown has studied extensively abroad. South Africa called him to study intensively the Apartheid and “change” that was enveloping. Additionally, he made a special visit South Africa, where he interviewed Nelson Mandela following his release from prison. His international studies in India and Asia were focused on researching the Missing Years of Jesus to reveal the hidden truths of Jesus’ life and teachings. His studies have also included Eastern religions, Medicine of the Spiritual Path and applying Yoga to Christian lifestyles.

Read Rev. Dr. Brown’s complete bio here:    Bio_Dr_T_B-_2013-_SA