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Spring Kirtan Lyrics for Chris Young’s Thursday Satsang

Spring Kirtan – Please print to sing along with Chris. Enjoy!

The Thank You Song

Thank you, Lord,

For the gift of this life.

Thank you for all of Creation,

And thank you for light.

Thank you for peace and for quiet, And thank you for sound,
Thank you for Truth and for Love, And the power of Now.

Thank you for time and for space, For breath and for blood,
For giving us everything, everything, And always with Love.

Thank you for life,
From cradle to grave,
Your precious protection, Corrects and reminds us to pray.

Thank you for wind,
Thank you for sun,
Thank you for planting your presence, Within everyone.

Thank you for practice and effort, Thank you for growth,
Thank you for laughing and learning, And thank you for jokes.

Thank you sincerely, thank you clearly,
With all of my heart,

That river inside me that guides me, From your whole to my part.

And as we find freedom, Lord,
Help us remain,

So we can help others, Come out of their pain.

Thank you lord for Redemption,
And thank you for Grace,

Thanks for your sacred creation- The Human Race.

So help us Lord, oh,
Please hear our song,
Guide us in goodness and train us, To serve one and all.

Durga Pahimam Capo 6, 2/4

Hey Ma Durga, Hey Ma Durga,

Hey Ma Durga Rakshamam

(Oh Mother Durga, you are my protector)

Hey Ma Durga, Hey Ma Durga,

Hey Ma Durga Pahimam

(Oh Mother Durga, you are my savior)

Sri Krishna Govinda 4/4

śrī kṛṣhṇa govinda hare murāre, he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

śrī kṛṣhṇa govinda hare murāre, he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

(Repeat section)

he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva, he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva, he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

he nātha nārāyaṇa vāsudeva

(Repeat section)

śrī: Literally means auspicious, and is used as an honorific title before names. Can also refer to Lakshmi, Vishnu’s consort, since her bija mantra is Shrim.

kṛṣha: An avatar, or incarnation, of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. He is the supreme being, the Atman, the inner soul, and is known for His radiant beauty, playful qualities, and transcendent flute playing.

govinda: A name for the youthful Krishna. Literally, the lord of the cows (“go”).

hare: Variously interpreted. Can mean “hare” as the vocative form of Hari, a name of Vishnu (of whom Krishna is an avatar or incarnation); also sometimes “hare” is interpreted as a name of Radha.

murāre: Murari is a name for Krishna as the killer of the demon Mura.
he: Pronounced “Hey,” similar to “Hey” in english, for addressing someone. n
ātha: Another of Sanskrit’s many ways to say “Lord.”

nārāyaa: A name of Vishnu, Supreme God, as the preserver of the universe. Or, as the ‘resting place for all living beings’ (“nara” meaning living beings, or jivas).

vāsudeva: A name for Krishna, whose father was Vasudeva. Elongating the first “a” in sanskrit turns it into “the son of,” meaning that “vāsudeva” is the “son of vasudeva.”

Shivoham 4/4

Sachara Chara Para Purna, Shivoham, Shivoham (x2)

Nityananda Swarupa, Shivoham, Shivoham

Anandoham Anandoham Anandoham Anandoham

I am that which prevails everywhere…complete in itself. I am Shiva; the deity of eternal bliss.
I am Joy itself…I am Bliss itself.

Baba Hanuman Capo 3, 4/4

Namo… Namo… (x2) Anjaninandanaaya (x2)


Jaya Seeyaa Raama, Jai Jai Hanumaan (x4)

Jaya Bajrangbalee, Baba Hanuman (x2) Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan (x2)


Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosaaee Kripaa karahu Gurudeva kee naaee Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan, Laala Langotta, Laala Nishaan Refrain

Hare Raama Raama Raama, Seetaa Raama Raama Raama

I bow, I bow again and again to Anjani’s son, Hanuman Victory to Sita and Ram, Victory to Hanuman
Victory over the darkness of su
Victory to the one with the body of a thunderbolt

My Baba, Hanuman.
You are home of all Grace.
Destroy all my problems, calamities and su
fferings. Hail My Lord Hanuman
You are my Guru, bestow your Grace on me.
You are the destroyer of Su
ffering, the abode of Grace You wear a red langotta and carry a red flag