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Thursday Satsang: “Humility and the Spiritual Journey” with Jim Nelson – February 8, 2018

“Humility and the Spiritual Journey ” with Jim Nelson

We live in a time of burgeoning hedonism and a profound atrophying of humility.  It has been said that faith (wisdom through direct experience) begins with humility.  What role does humility play in our spiritual growth?  What is the intersection of a healthy ego and humility?  Can humility be cultivated or is it a by-product of other spiritual practices? Psychologist Jim Nelson will address these questions, share his personal experience, and invite participants shared wisdom in an interactive and contemplative forum.

Jim holds a Masters degrees in Education and Counseling Psychology.  He worked as a Consulting Psychologist and therapist for Family Life Mental Health Center for almost fifteen years, while teaching psychology at Blaine High School.  Jim received the Medtronic Outstanding Teacher Award in 1997 and was selected to the Whose Who of American teachers.  He served five terms on Blaine City Council championing environmental causes, and served on the Anoka County Mental  Health Advisory Board for several years.  He currently is in private practice and worked until his recent retirement, at Transition Plus as a Psychologist, serving students with learning disabilities and mental health issues.   For almost 20 years he was on the Meditation Center’s Board of Directors serving as President or Chairman of the Board for most of that time.  Jim has taught at the Center for over 25 years. He currently serves as Vice-President of AHYMS-A and is on the executive committee of AHYMSIN—the International organization dedicated to spreading the teachings of Swami Rama and the Himalayan Tradition.  He has traveled broadly in North America speaking at conferences on a variety of psychological and Philosophical topics. Jim has written a book—Running on Empty”–an assessment of the destructive changes and challenges, that have eroded the well being of adolescents and young adults.