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Thursday Satsang: “Introduction to Sri Vidya – Part IX” with Michael Smith – June 15, 2017

Thursday Satsang: “Introduction to Sri Vidya – Part XI” with Michael Smith – June 15, 2017


For the Thursday Evening Presentation at The Meditation Center, there will a projector showing of sections of Swami Rama’s 2nd Lecture on Sri Vidya.

Swami Rama explains how to incorporate will power (sankalpa shakti), contemplation, prayer, and internal dialogue into one’s daily practice to sharpen one’s intuition.

These talks are particularly valuable in terms of one’s yoga practice (sadhana).


Sri Vidya is considered to be the supreme path in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. Swami Rama said, “Sri Vidya is the highest of all vidyas.” Swami Veda said that it was “God’s science of the universe.”

The Meditation Center teachers have been presenting a series of Thursday talks, focused around Swami Rama’s lectures on Sri Vidya, that will provide students with a basic knowledge of the “territory” and preparatory Sri Vidya practices, supplemented with guidelines and resources on how to approach these profound teachings.

This Thursday, Michael Smith, will be presenting Part VII of the Sri Vidya series. It is the continuation of the June 8, 2017 lecture.

6:00pm Hatha
7:00pm Meditation with Michael Smith
7:30pm Presentation by Michael Smith
8:30pm Soup
9:00pm Prayers and Clean-up