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Thursday Satsang: “Stories of Death and Return from the Indian Tradition” with Dr. Paul Emerson – October 27, 2016

Thursday Satsang:  “Stories of Death and Return from the Indian Tradition” with Dr. Paul Emerson

Stories of Death and Return from the Indian Tradition

With the ending of summer and the nearness of All Saints and All Souls Day it is appropriate to spend some time contemplating our own endings and what comes after.  Although there are many beliefs regarding “life after death”, the majority still follow the four major beliefs developed during the “Axial Age” some 2600 years ago.  These range from the tenants of Charvaka (materialism) to the yogic theories of metampsychosis (reincarnation) as found in the Upanishads and epics.  We will review these theories as well as explore possible methods of past life recall.

Signs of immanent death from the Skanda Purana:

If only the right or left nostril is active for many days
If both nostrils are equally active for 10 days
One sees snake-like apparitions in the sky
One sees the moon and the starts during the day
One sees ghosts dancing in the daytime

One cannot see their reflection in the pupils of the other’s eyes
One remains hungry after a full meal
One’s intellectual processes become confused
One does not see his own shadow.

6:00pm Hatha with Nicole Roberts
7:00pm Meditation with Swami Gita Bharati
7:30pm Presentation by Dr. Paul Emerson
8:30pm Soup
9:00pm Prayers and Clean-up