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Volunteer Opportunities

Share your talents!

 Volunteering Opportunities at
The Meditation Center

Consider joining a committee in 2020.
Current committees would love new members
and the light and brilliance of your creativity!

Do consider creating new marketing plans or working on building projects or our IT committee that live streams classes and workshops on Vimeo or heading up a new committee!
For those who love working and playing outdoors, please join our gardening, lawn, and landscaping committee. And for organizers and event planners there are opportunities to use your gifts on the 50th Anniversary committee.
We are starting a new “Outreach Committee” to stay in touch with our community…do consider being involved.
The Center needs volunteers who love to cook, nourish, and  feed people.  If that is your passion and art let us know and your name will be placed on a list for helping prepare meals for special events and retreats at TMC.
Call the TMC office if you are interested in any one of these volunteer opportunities at 612-379-2386 or email us at
Love, Serve, Remember!

The Meditation Center is looking for volunteers who are interested in Karma Yoga opportunities and are able to commit to regular or semi regular Saturday morning participation at the Center. The specific hours are somewhat flexible but we’re thinking about 2 to 3 hours between 9AM and noon. The primary focus of this contribution is building cleaning, interior and site maintenance and minor repairs.

Please let us know that you’re interested and give us an idea of your skill level. We have a list of tasks that need to be done on an ongoing basis and other tasks that are building repair in nature.

Once we have compiled a list of names of Karma Yogis, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss logistics. Thank you in advance for your much needed contribution.
Please contact  email us at if you have questions.

  • Technical Support: We are always in need of people who are willing to help give technical support to our computers and recording systems.
  • Class Greeters: We need people to greet students as they arrive for classes and make sure that they sign in before class and feel comfortable in the space.
  • Bookstore Sales Person: We need people who are willing to go through training and work in the bookstore before and after our evening classes.
  • Database Support: We are looking for someone to help us sort through our database, cleanse out duplicate names and create useful lists for marketing purposes.
  • Youth Child Care Provider: Looking for a youth or adult volunteer who would be interested in providing childcare so that parents can comfortably attend selected lectures and workshops
  • Poster Distributors: We need people to periodically help us distribute pamphlets and posters to local businesses etc. through out the Twin Cities (or even just your own neighborhood). Ask us in the office.
  • Librarian: The Meditation Center has a small library but quite a collection of books.  We could use someone to reorganize the books and create some sort of card catalogue to manage and keep track of them.
  • Cleaning: The Meditation Center needs volunteers or a volunteer team to assist in cleaning the interior of The Meditation Center on a weekly basis.
  • Food Preparers: We are always in need of people who enjoy cooking vegetarian fare for workshops and other special events or to help out on Thursday evenings, when Paul is not available, to prepare soup and rice.