Practice of the Bala Mantra –  Shri Vidya in the Himalayan Tradition

In our June 18 Saturday workshop, Swami Ritavan and Pandit Dabral introduced the science and practice of Shri Vidya in the Himalayan Tradition. Following the preparatory background, Swami Ritavan continued the meditation practice originally given by Swami Veda as an initiatory experience into the Bala mantra.

The following are the steps for Practice of Bala Mantra Meditation and Japa:
1. Basic preparations and steps of meditation as one has mastered
2. Breath practices along with breath awareness and pratyahara.
3. Nadi shodhana, establishing sushumna and dharana.
4. Ascent and descent of prana in sushumna along with mantra (shreem).
5. Visualize upward triangle with base between the two eye-brows, entering ajna as triune presence of shakti forces (iccha, jnana, kriya)
6. Within light-filled space resonating with mantra (shreem) a bindu point, a single point becomes center of resonance and illumination from  which eminates the bala mantra (a’eem, kleem, sauh).
7. Continue with the mental japa of bala mantra with sentiment of love and devotion, with designated recitations according to one’s sankalpa.
8. Coming out of meditation with the ascent and descent of the breath, prana and mantra (shreem).
9. Offer the meditation to Guru and to Divine Mother.

Continue with the purifications according to the 40-day Spiritual Festival Guidelines.
Observe saucha (cleanliness and purity) with body hygiene, food, thoughts, and speech.
Contact your meditation guide, a member of the Spiritual Committee, or Pandit Dabral with any questions on your meditations and japa.

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