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Invitation to The Meditation Center’s 2019 Jubilee Year Celebration

Mark your calendars…

Invitation to The Meditation Center’s

2019 Jubilee Year Celebration

Dear Initiates and Friends of The Meditation Center,
On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Meditation Center, we are very pleased and excited to announce the celebration of our 49th Jubilee this year, leading up to the 50th Anniversary of The Meditation Center (TMC) in Minneapolis in 2020. We invite you all to the Jubilee Year celebrations during July 11-16, 2019. This is an important opportunity for you to re-engage or deepen your interactions with the current TMC community.
The 2019 events will focus on Swami Veda Bharati/Dr. Usharbudh Arya. In 1967, Professor Usharbudh Arya came to Minneapolis and began teaching meditation to many people who were seeking the peace and bliss meditation offered. In 1970, he began initiating some of his students into the Himalayan tradition as embodied by Swami Rama of the Himalayas.
Thus, we will recall and honor these 50 years of spiritual and meditative growth in the Twin Cities with reunion, re-dedication, special mantra practice, re-education with special speakers, rejoicing, review of our lives, and revelation of a vision for the next 50 years. Your participation is essential to the ongoing mission of TMC, to spread the blessings of meditation throughout the area and the world.
Come and learn about the great circle of past and current meditators, share in the energy of your lineage. We are already connected by our roots, so let our hands and hearts unite to share these blessings with our children and grandchildren, the hopeful future progeny of the lineage. Each of us has felt the love of Usharbudh Arya/Swami Veda Bharati and of H.H.S.Swami Rama, either directly, or through the many teachers this lineage has generated.
The intensity of our celebration will be heightened by the Guru Purnima (July full moon) events of both 2019 and 2020, bookending this uplifting personal and communal transformative year. The TMC home has been remodeled, transformed for your enjoyment and to facilitate future classes. The intellectual gifts of Dr. Arya/Swami Veda are being reviewed, refined, and redistributed for the benefit of posterity.
We invite you all to save the dates – July 11-16, 2019 and July 3-8, 2020 – and to attend these special reunion celebrations. Here is a tentative schedule of this year’s summer events:
  • July 11th – Thursday night program with Swami Ritavan and review of Shri Vidya practices
  • July 12th – Friday 7-9 p.m., Special Tributes of Swami Veda
  • The two tribute nights will cover the Life and Mission of Dr Usharbudh Arya / Swami Veda, Early Years, Center Years, India Years
  • July 13th – Saturday 7-9 p.m., Special Tributes of Swami Veda, along with Saturday morning practices of hatha and guided meditation.
  • July 14th – Sunday 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Special meditations of the Tradition, 1-4 p.m., Picnic and concurrent videos of Swami Veda playing inside.
  • July 15th – TBA
  • July 16th – Evening Havan, Sharing, and Meditation times to be determined. Guru Purnima Full Moon Meditation
If you would like now or in the future to volunteer and share some of the blessings your life has brought you, please call TMC at 612-379-2386, email us at, or write to us at 631 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. We urge you to visit the TMC website,, to be informed of our current schedule of satsangs, classes, retreats, workshops, and other special events. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
The following are excellent ways to engage and reconnect with TMC and contribute:
  • To help with this celebration, please contact  TMC office at
  • To share photos, notes, remembrances of TMC; or to give a talk about your life in meditation; or if you would like to share with us contact information of other older initiates, you can reach us at or call the office at 612-379-2386.
In Service to The Tradition of Himalayan Sages
The Meditation Center Board and the 50th Anniversary Committee.