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“Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now” by Swami Ritavan Bharati


“Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now”

by Swami Ritavan Bharati

Celebrating the Spirit – Jayee!
by way of the Eternal and Omni-present Spirit,
this perennial wisdom illumines and love is born in the “golden-womb” of Mind; mind “in-joy” celebrates 50 years of Spirit.
Let us gather together to share this journey, mindful of life, heart full of happiness, life lived with purpose.
The wholeness and holiness of life we celebrate, now and in each breath; now and in each chosen emotion and expression.
Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now.

We gather to collectively reflect, re-viewing these 50 years, or 25 or 5, unveiled and revealed mysteries of Spirit.
We gather in meditation uniting by way of the collective mindfield of awareness.
We gather in prayer and japa to purify and bring peace of mind into action.
We gather to acknowledge meaningful relationships that have supported our journey along this spiritual path of life.
We gather with the Lineage and Saints and Sages of the Tradition as global family-sangha-AHYMSIN at each meditation seat, at each meditation time, past-present-future.
Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now.

Meditation Center
stream-entered, flame-lit (diksha), initiation-baptised with spirit-breath,
guided by inner light taking many forms, speaking in silence, and through the chosen,
bound in karma, river-bed of dharma, actions sweetened & flavored through selfless compassion and love.
Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now

sadhana as applied spirituality,
sadhana as purified, liquified mind in japa,
sadhana as listening for the voice of the spirit is silent,
sadhana as living in the satya yuga our true inheritance
sadhana as samadhi for our mindfield constantly reflects the atman.

This Old House
shrine, soul, spiritual source, birthplace,
abode of knowledge, teaching, archives, resources,
family celebration, gathering (where 2/3 gathered in my name)
family-grandfather, father, living lineage,
historical building, history of building,
past highlights, persons and events

What to do : tapas – svadhyaya – ishwar-pranidana,

Saumya mantra
Year long practice of verse #3
past ShriVidya – Bala, 27 verse,
Annual 40-day spiritual festival 7 June- 16 July
50-year celebration
11-16 July Spiritual
TTP 28 July – 10th Aug. PatL.
28th July Maithili HIHT-RuralDev.
Life Plan 1-5-10
Full-moon Meditation
Sadhana in applied spirituality
Meditative Voice,

Pilgrimage to Rishikesh
Ashram living in SRSG; programs, retreats – 40-days silence
Heart of AHYMSIN

Quanitative – Qualitative – Sanctified
waking, dreaming, sleeping-samadhi
tapas – svadhyaya – ishwar-pranidana
tamas – rajas – sattva (buddhi)
from ego to buddhi to atman