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Swammi Veda Bharati

The Two-Minute Meditation

Swammi Veda Bharati
The Two-Minute Meditation

Something profoundly significant to incorporate into your busy daily life.

“Start your inward journey, more seriously. Make that a part of your life. Make that your primal quest. Make everything else a means, an instrument for arriving there. And those who threaten you will love you, and their love will become your support. And those who bind you will become the ones who free you and liberate you. Learn to go into that.

At every junction in your daily life, in your daily life cycle, give yourself two minutes. Two minutes of your breath wherever you are. When you wake up in the morning, before you leave your be, can you take two minutes? Count your breaths, or feel the flow of your breath for two minute. Before breakfast, receive the grace. For two minute, observe the flow of your breath. Before you leave the house for work, two minute. When you stop the car for one minute at the street lights, red lights, you’ve got one minute extra, a bonus for having been so good! …Before lunch, two minutes. When you come home in the evening, two-minutes. Before dinner, two minutes…

…Try it for one week… at each junction of your daily life cycle. You’ll begin to discover, effortlessly, that place of Silence. It will touch you. For a few seconds at a time it will touch you. And then you will develop a taste for it, and you will like it.”

-Swami Veda Bharati


by Swami Veda Bharati

Sit where you are, and bring your awareness to yourself.

Once you free your mind, your body will naturally relax.

Having relaxed your body, feel the flow of you breath, breathing gently, smoothly, slowly.

As you exhalation ends, immediately prepare your mind that, without a gap, the awareness of the inhalation will begin.

As you inhale, prepare your mind at the end to begin the awareness of the inhalation, without a gap.

Resolve in your mind that for the next two minutes there will be no extraneous thoughts,

only the feel of your breath.

Make the resolve and begin now.

And without breaking the flow,

continuing the awareness,

gently open your eyes.

Resolve in your mind again and again to enter this state many, many times during the day.

Whenever there is a minute available you can come to the pacification of senses and a calming of the disturbances.

Enjoy and and God Bless You.